A Message from the President. 30/05/2013

Through the media of our new web site it is unique to convey my inaugural message to all members.

I take this splendid opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all for granting me the tremendous privilege of serving Fortwilliam Golf Club in the highest office of President. It was with deep humility and dignity that I viewed the list of Presidents through the years and noted such dignitaries as the Earl of Shaftesbury, Judge Fox, and now myself to be added - it is truly an honour! Many thanks to all members and I will endeavour to maintain the high standards set before me.

Being a member for 41 years has enabled me to grow into the atmosphere of Fortwilliam  Golf Club and along the way I have gained many memories and more importantly, friends, which I hope continues for many more years.

Fortwilliam begins with  " F " and I expand this to read " 3 F " ie,
   1) Friendly  - Fortwilliam has always been known as a friendly Club by both members and visitors.
   2) Fierce - Fierce in competition but fair and sporting. Always remember to wear the Colours with pride as you are representing our Club, as well as yourself.
   3) Forgiveness - Forgiveness of those around us , remember, we are only human after all.

We have much to achieve at Fortwilliam, and it is necessary that members of all sections embrace a code of respect, courtesy, and course etiquette that one expects at Fortwilliam.

We are currently enjoying the Fortwilliam planned years ago and now it is our job, through team work, to forge a Fortwilliam of which our next generations will be proud.
We include our staff - office / catering / course / house / bar as an integral part of our team vital for success, so may you ask yourself  not " what can FW do for  me" but "what can I do for FW ". May the year ahead be a success and remember to  "make it happen ".
"Ability" is what you are capable of doing - "Motivation" determines what you do - "Attitude" determines how well you do it.
To our Captain and Ladies Captain I hope they have a memorable and enjoyable year, and I assure them of my best support.
Good wishes also to their "apprentices "  Vice Captain and Ladies  Vice Captain who also  have my support  when needed.
Finally a reminder -" MAKE IT HAPPEN "- do not leave it to others.
My wish for you all "That you enjoy your golf and your company".
yours sincerely
Howard Hillis.