Course Drainage Project Update. 16/06/2013


Drainage project to be completed over 2 seasons.

Due to the combination of the heavy machinery required to carry out the drainage work on the course, together with the recent very wet summers we have experienced, the Course Manager feels it would be prudent to complete the work over two seasons to avoid any possible concerns of course damage. Consequently it has been decided to take the safer option of completing the lower part of the course in 2013 with the remainder to be completed in 2014.


By carrying out the project over two seasons it considerably lessens the disruption to golfing members. However, there still remains a degree of urgency in raising the necessary capital for completion of the entire project. The importance of this work for Fortwilliam Golf Club cannot be over-emphasised and we would be delighted for additional people to join the list of those who have readily accepted the Membership Offer Deal. 


8 and 10 year Membership Offer Now Transferable.

It has been mentioned around the club that the 8 and 10 year Membership Offer would be more attractive if it was transferable in the event of any member being unable to fulfill the time period. Consequently the matter arose at Council and it was decided to alter this clause and allow this special offer to be transferable to any other person of the subscribed members choice. This change naturally applies to those who have already subscribed to the offer and any further members joining the list. This change is only fair and reasonable keeping in mind the aging demographic of our members.


IMPORTANT: Closing Date for the first phase of the Membership Offer is Wednesday 26 June 2013. rE-OPENING OF THE DEAL FOR PHASE 2 DEPENDS ON NUMBERS SUBSCRIBED IN PHASE 1.
Annual Membership fees will rise, this is your only chance to save a significant amount of money over the next 8  - 10 years.


For further details and discussion on the 8 and 10 year Membership Offer please contact Malachy Toner on 028 90 370770.