MR. JIM MC GINN’S CAPTAIN’S DAY - 21st June 2014 28/05/2014

Members will have noted from a section of my incoming address that I wished to further promote the principle of inclusivity within the club.


Captains Day 2014 seemed to be a good starting point to demonstrate the club's committment to that principle.


The following changes will apply to this years Captain's day  format and the surrounding event.




Members will have noted from the notices already posted by M & H Convener Bill McLernon  that booking slots for Captain's Day will take place in the Downview Lounge  on Friday 30 May 2014.


Due to the number of empty spaces last year I have decided to allow the other classes of members the opportunity to also book available time slots and play a full eighteen hole round of golf.


Class 1A members will have priority in the booking process but other menbers can also book a preferred slot on the same night. When all Class 1A members have been allocated their preferred slots the other member classes will be allocated to the unfilled slots on a best endeavours approach with requested times.


These slots can only be filled on a first come first served basis so early booking is essential.



The traditional list of prizes will not change for the Class 1A members and the ladies nine hole evening competition. The other member classes playing on Captain's Day will compete for a single prize only.


Captain's Dinner


I have also decided to change the format of the Captain's dinner this year. All members and their partners are now welcome at the Captain's Dinner for the entire proceedings. Hopefully this will further demonstrate that the club is yet again demonstrating the principle of inclusivity for all members.


Due to expected increase in numbers during the entire dinner proceedings it is recommended that early booking is also essential to ensure all members are accomodated.



Jim McGinn