Fortwilliam Members on Tour! 01/10/2015

Earlier this year some of our longer standing members had the pleasure of playing at

the Valley Golf and Country Club in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA. 

David Rush is a member of the Valley Club and was a member of Fortwilliam Golf Club

as a boy and a student. His long time friend Chris Slane is a member of Fortwilliam

Golf Club and, in the 1990s Chris and David played Fred Daly golf together.


David and Chris played together in a member/guest three day match-play competition on the 24-26th July 2015. The competition involved seven 9 hole match-play competitions over three days, two matches on Friday, three on Saturday and two on the Sunday.

The competition is played in sections according to handicaps, David and Chris were in the lowest section and they won their section! All the two player teams in each

section played all the other teams in their section. There were nine section winners who then played a three hole stroke play-off which David and Chris won with a combined

one over par.


They are the overall winners this year in this demanding and enjoyable competition. This is a premier competition in the club and David and Chris's names are recorded in

the club for evermore.


Barry McLarnon, former member of Fortwilliam, son of Brendan and Anne McLarnon and brother of Paul, Ryan, and Brenda also played in the competition. Tom Rush,

father of David and Fortwilliam member also played in the competition. Barry and Tom had a great time but sadly, did not figure in the prizes. 


Congratulations to Chris for not only winning but representing the Fort in such a prestigious event!



David & Chris after winning the 3 Day Comp!



 Barry McLarnon, former member of Fortwilliam, Tom Rush member of Fortwilliam,  

 David Rush member of The Valley club and former member of Fortwilliam & Chris Slane