Drainage Installation on the 8th Fairway 17/03/2017


The landing area on the 8th fairway has become very wet this winter. The old drainage pipe in this area has finally failed due to the infiltration of tree roots and a build up of silt inside the pipes.  The rain water has no where to go except across the top of the ground, making the playing surface soft.


This area of the 8th was not drained when the big drainage project was completed in 2013.  The bottom half of the fairway has new piping and sand bands giving that area a firmer playing surface during the inclement weather.


When the weather improves and the ground conditions permit the goal will be to install approximately 200 metres of drainage pipe in this area.  The proposed pipes will be installed across the fairway to the open drain between the 2nd and 8th holes.  The marking flags and paint on the fairway highlight where the pipes will be installed.  The work will be carried out by the Greens Department.  The estimated time to complete the install is one week with three to four weeks of selected areas as ground under repair.


The Greens Department understands that there are other areas of the course that are in need of drainage work but the current budget does not allow for additional work this year.


If you have any questions about the drainage work, please contact myself or Michael Teirney.


Thank you,



Jason Podris

Course Manager