Over the coming weeks the Greens team will be aerifying the greens and tees. We are doing this a little earlier than normal to accommodate the GUI Jimmy Bruen Qualifying event in the start of May.




This spring the greens will be aerified using solid micro tines.  These tines are 9mm in diameter and are ideal for getting a quick recovery in the cool spring temperatures.  The main reasons for aerification are that it:


- Relieves soil compaction.


- Allows for deeper, faster penetration of water, air, sand and fertilizers into the rootzone.


- Increases root growth through new channels filled with sand.


Parts of the process involve spreading and brushing seed and 30 tonnes of sand into the holes. The greens will be rolled to help get them back in play.


**Please note**


It will be necessary to close the front nine/ back nine as the work proceeds.


Please take notice of signage on the tee boxes.


Please be aware of repairing ball marks. This is particularly important following hollow-coring, when the greens are softer and more susceptible to marking.




Tees will be aerified using the same tine as used on the greens.  The goal from aerifiying the tees will be to get seed in the holes to help recover from winter play.  The tees will be seeded and sand spread to fill in the holes.  A fertilizer application will be applied at this time.


The course will remain open during the aerification to the tees.


Thank you very much for your support and patience during this vital process to improve the playing conditions on your golf course.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.



Best Regards,


Jason Podris

Course Manager