Bridge Results 5th December and 28th November 08/12/2017

Bridge results for Tuesday 5th December and 28th november have been posted in the Bridge Section in the  members menu


Ten Commandments For Duplicate Players according to ---The Heavenly Grand Master!

1. Thou shalt not come to the Club with a streaming cold.
2. Thou shalt not come to the Club looking as though thou hast just been jogging.
3, Thou shalt not come to the Club at the last minute, unless it is completely      unavoidable.
4. Thou shalt not arrive at a table without greeting thine opponents.
5. Thou shalt not leave a table without thanking thine opponents.
6. Thou shalt not gloat over a favourable result.
7. Thou shalt not argue at length over a previous board.
8. Thou shalt not tell opponents how they could have made a contract.
9. Thou shalt not end the evening without thanking thy partner , now matter how badly he/ she may have played.
10. Thou shalt not leave the Club without putting away the bidding boxes and thanking the director.


Thank you all for your support and patience throughout the year.

Happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2018.

Your Bridge Committee