Course Update August / September 21/08/2017


By way of update to the members I can confirm that the first phase of the drainage and bunkers scheme will commence on Monday the 28th August.


It is unfortunate that this will cause disruption to the end of the playing season but if the works were to be delayed until October then the chances are that the ground would be so soft that the works would cause significant damage to the fairways and green surrounds.

That being said every effort will be made to minimise the disruption to the playing members by ensuring that 18 holes will remain open at the weekend albeit that temporary local rules will be in force so that relief can be taken from the ongoing works.


It is during week days that the impact is likely to be more severe in that certain holes will have to be closed and a reduced course layout would be in operation. This will be a 13 or 14-hole layout dependent on which holes are closed on that particular day. The course layout in play will be posted on the noticeboard outside the exterior locker room doors each morning and it is the responsibility of the players to check this before commencing their round.


Unfortunately, the reduced layout will mean that the scheduled Wednesday competitions will have to be downgraded to ‘club sweeps’.


The initial works will be to the 14th fairway and to the 12th green. It is envisaged that this will be finished on Thursday the 7th September (except for the bunker liners on the 12th).

On Monday, the 11th September the work will shift to the 8th fairway, the bunkers surrounding the 15th and also to the right side of the 10th.


(This is a proposed timetable and will be subject to change if circumstances should dictate.)


The bunkers referred to above will be excavated and new drainage laid thereafter. The bunker liners will not be ‘poured’ until approaching the end of this phase of the project as it is more economical to do all of this process at the same time. Soon, there will be some presentations posted on the club’s web site illustrating how the process works so that members can familiarise themselves with it if they should so wish to do.


I thank all of the members in advance for their anticipated co-operation during this time.


Michael Tierney – Greens Convenor.