Winter Wheels 13/01/2019


Due to the damage caused to the course in previous winters by the wheels of electric trolleys, Council has renewed the motion restricting the use of electric trolleys on the course except for those fitted with 'winter wheels'.

This restriction will come into effect on Monday 12th November 2018.

In keeping with last year, the restriction will apply to all categories of membership and visitors alike.

It is envisaged that the restriction will remain in place until the start of the new golf season at the end of March 2019

'Pull trolleys' are unaffected by this restriction.

There are several different designs of winter wheels but the commonality between them is that they are designed to prevent wheel spin. This is accomplished by either the presence of an open lattice structure across the surface of the tyre or by the use of rubber studs (often referred to as 'Hedgehog wheels').

(For the avoidance of doubt, wheels which are merely wider than average (designed for use on hilly courses) are not recognised as winter wheels as described above. These are not permitted to be used during this restriction.)

Members were to be congratulated last year in how they complied with this restriction. It was obvious to all that it helped to protect the golf course during the wet winter months thereby ensuring that it was better presented during the playing season.

Michael Tierney (Greens Convenor)