Frost Delays on the Golf Course 06/11/2017

As we head into winter, we will incur frost delays. When this happens, the start of the morning tee times are pushed back. This is done to wait until the frost has melted so no damage is done to the playing surface. If we didn’t wait, damage would lead to very expensive repairs.


If a golfer was allowed to walk on frost-covered greens, the foot steps would cause the plant to break and grass cell walls to rupture. This would cause the grass plant to lose the ability to function normally. This can lead to the putting surface be more susceptible to disease and/or allow weeds to grow in place of the damaged grass.


By imposing a short delay we are trying to protect the quality of the greens and prevent needless, expensive and time-consuming repairs.


For a more extensive write up go to the club’s website and look in the course manager’s news.


If you are scheduled to play and the morning is cold and damp, check the course conditions area on the website or call the pro shop to see if there is a frost delay. Thank you for your cooperation





Jason Podris

Course Manager