Membership Recruitment Team 21/11/2017

As members are all too aware, there has been a large decrease in membership of the Club in the last ten years.  To try and address this problem, a small Membership Recruitment Team has been set up to try and make it easier for members to retain their membership and to recruit new members. 

The Team consists of Ann Marrion (Lady Captain), Ricky Duckett (Club Professional), Chris Crangle (Assistant Professional) and Stephen Boswell (Trustee).  To complete the Team we are urgently looking for a young Class 1A member to join us.  If you are interested in helping your Club retain and recruit members please contact Stephen Boswell (07840695665 or Email:

The Team would also be very interested to hear the views and ideas of other members on how to halt the decline in the Club membership.  So please speak to any one of us if you think you can help.

Stephen Boswell