Bar / Restaurant Re-opening 02/07/2020

Dear Member,

I am pleased to inform you that our bar/restaurant will reopen on Friday, 3rd July.To begin with the times of opening will be 12noon to 10pm Monday to Thursday, 12noon to 11pm Friday and Saturday and 12noon to 8pm on Sunday. Due to restrictions imposed by the Stormont Assembly and the need to present the safest possible environment, members are asked to adhere to the following conditions;

*Only members and their guests are permitted to enter the premises. Please remember to have your fob available at all times.

*A table service only system will be available. Everyone must be seated inside the building and no--one is permitted to approach the bar.

*You will only be served alcohol if you intend to have a meal. The meal must be served from the restaurant and should be at least to the value of £5.

*You are permitted to be served alcohol outside the building without having a meal ie. on the balcony or at other points set up specifically for this purpose. Again, table service only.

*In the first stage of reopening, payment for both drinks and food must be by card only.

*Please note that tables and chairs are set up to satisfy the requirement for social distancing and, as such, they should not be moved.

*Members should ensure children in their company remain with them at all times.

*A one way system has been set up to enable members to enter and exit the Downview Lounge by different doors.

*Please be very careful when using the bathrooms. Sanitisers and wipes will be available and should be used before and after using facilities.

*In the meantime, locker rooms will remain open only to facilitate access to toilets.

In addition to the above, we are currently investigating the most efficient way in which the building can be sanitised on a daily basis to minimise the risk to members and staff. Finally, can I ask you to be patient with all staff. Even though they will undertake a formal training programme before reopening, service at first may be slower than members are accustomed to.

I would encourage all members to support the Club by using those facilities which are available. I hope to be in a position soon to report easing of some of the restrictions detailed above. In the meantime if you have any comments please contact the Clubhouse Manager or myself.

Best wishes for now,

Michael Graham
Honorary Secretary