Guidelines on the reopening of "wet" bars
Dear Member,

You will be aware the Stormont Executive has issued guidelines covering the reopening of “wet” bars from 23rd September. Whereas it is not entirely clear what the final legislation will state and, moreover, what the closing time is to be, Council has decided we must follow the guidelines as they currently stand;

• Everyone must wear face masks on entering the building whether for accessing the locker rooms or the bars/restaurant.

• Face masks can only be removed when you are seated or when you leave the building.

• Movement within the building will be restricted to visiting the bathrooms or going to the smoking area. You must wear your mask on leaving your seat.

• Movement between tables in the bar and restaurant is forbidden.

• When seated at your table a waiter will take your order and bring you drinks to you. Ordering or buying drinks at the bar is strictly forbidden.

• A notice has been posted to define the maximum number of persons allowed in each seated area. The tables and chairs have been set out to control this and social distancing. Therefore, members are reminded not to move furniture for any reason.

• We are currently working on a procedure for track and trace and will inform you of the detail in due course.

I appreciate these guidelines are restrictive. However, we are aware the PSNI will be carrying out spot checks and have the power to shut down premises which are not compliant. It is important, therefore, we give our bar and catering staff the right to refuse service to those not complying with Council instructions.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Michael Graham
Honorary Secretary