New Course Layout From 13th November 13/11/2020


Course Layout Information
The full course layout starting from Friday 13th November will be as follows:


The 5th will play as a par 4 from a temporary tee in the 5th fairway roughly level with the 3rd green. This will show on the sore as the 4th hole and will retain the stroke index of the  4th hole.

13 hole indices are:

Hole Index
1st 1
2nd 4
3rd 6
5th 12 – playing as a Par 4
6th 11
7th 10
8th 8
9th 13
10th 5
11th 7
16th 3
17th 9
18th 2


On the 8th hole we would suggest that golfers leaving the teeing area should stay left (i.e. on the 3rd fairway left of the ropes) for as long as possible as the steep hill approximately 70 yards off the tee is extremely wet.

We would ask that golfers playing the 3rd would be patient and allow any golfers playing the 8th to clear from the 3rd fairway before playing.

Finally we would ask that all members remember the basic etiquette of replacing divots, repairing pitch marks and in particular, smoothing the sand in the bunkers (as best they can) after playing a shot.


M&H Committee
Greens Committee