Update for Members


Dear Member


As the Executive have now permitted golf to be played in 4 balls with no household restrictions, competition golf will now commence on the 17th of April with the PGA Tankard. A schedule of all competitions has been posted as a separate news item. You will have seen recently that the booking system for Saturday golf has now been updated. It is and will remain a fixed timesheet but in compliance with the existing protocol, groups must tee off in 10-minute intervals. For the majority of members, this has meant a later tee off time than would normally be the case, the M and H committee have had no discretion in this matter. It is hoped that with further easing of restrictions in coming weeks/months, by the Executive, the interval will reduce to 8 minutes. Once this is the case, the M and H committee will amend the timesheet accordingly so we would like to thank you for your patience and support in the meantime.


Playing Conditions:


Currently all competitions are non-qualifying with lift, clean and place through the greens.

Due to work carried out on the course recently the following will apply:
- The area to the left of the 15th fairway will be designated and marker as GUR. If you land in this area you should drop your ball at the nearest point of relief agreed with your playing partners as per the standard rules of golf no nearer the hole.
- Lift, clean and drop away from any tractor marks.
- Lift clean and drop away from any of the stone drains.

While Lift Clean and Place through the green is still in effect you can follow this procedure after you have dropped the ball.

Sign In, Pay and Record Score.


Members are reminded again that Sign-in to the competition is only available through HowDidIdo, as is payment and score entry. If you need to top up your competition purse this can be done, as before via the ClubV1 app. A guide on how to use both these applications has been posted as a separate news item




Match and Handicap Committee