Return to Competitive Golf


As we return look to return to competitive golf there are challenges around how we manage people through the journey from BOOKING to SIGN-IN to PAYMENT to SCORE ENTRY during and after this time of crisis. Having looked at all potential options with all stakeholders including the professional shop it became apparent that we would need to use the new capabilities delivered by our technology partner (ClubV1) to complete this journey without compromising the safety of individuals at this time.  To do this people will need to register and use either the app or the website to complete these elements of their journey.
You can only sign-in yourself so ALL MEMBERS will have to register themselves if they want to play in competitions as this is the only way to get access to the competitions moving forward.
ClubV1 and HowDidiDo
As we move into delivering sign-in and scoring via digital devices it is important that people understand the difference between the two application and which you should be using.
Most of us that are using an App at the minute are likely using the ClubV1 app. The icon for the app is          and that’s what you would see on your phone.
ClubV1 Members Hub combines an array of rich features to enhance your golf club membership experience. The ClubV1 Members Hub allows you to connect directly to your golf club to:
·         View competition results, latest club news, and course status,
·         View your Club's diary and latest events,
·         Manage your ClubV1 user profile,
·         View your account balance and transaction history on multiple purses,
·         View your golfing stats and handicap certificate**
ClubV1 Members Hub uses HowDidiDo Passport for authentication.
For remote sign-in and scoring we now need to use a different App on your device HowDidiDo with the following icon .
This App has multiple features but for Fortwilliam the main focus will be on sign-in to competitions and returning your score after the round has been completed.
The HowDidiDo Passport
Both the ClubV1 and HowDidiDo apps use a unified log-in system called HowDidiDo Passport. That is to say that once registered on HowDidiDo you can use the same username and password to access both applications. Any member who already has access to the ClubV1 app will be able to simply download, install and sign=in to the HowDidiDo app with the same credentials.
People who have never used either app will first need to register for a HowDidiDo passport at this link - once registered people will be able to access both Apps as necessary.
Registration Support
The one Critical piece of information for registration is that the e-mail address that you use to register with HowDidiDo must match exactly with the current e-mail address the club holds on ClubV1 our handicapping system. This may well be different from the address used on BRSGOLF for time booking as the systems are not linked.
In the event that you cannot get registered on the system at the link above for a HowDidiDo passport, you can send an e-mail to one of the following addresses :
·         Professional –
·         Match and Handicap –
On the e-mail you must provide the following details:
·         Full name
·         GUI number (used to sign-in to competitions) which can be found on the back of your smartcard
·         E-mail address you want your account connected to
We will then update your records and reply to your mail to let you know once completed.