The N.I. Executive has indicated that from 29th November it is introducing a “Covid status certification” with the objective of trying to reduce transmissions and new cases. The latest advice is that this will apply to all licenced premises.
The effect of this will be that members and their guests wishing to use the bar/restaurant facilities within the clubhouse are required to use one of the following options to prove their covid status;
·         Proof of a negative lateral flow test taken within the past 48 hours – this will be via email generated when the individual registers the negative result (It must be stressed this will only be valid as a one off)
·         Proof of recovery from a positive PCR test in the previous 30 -180 days.
·         A Covid passport to prove double vaccination via the Covid Cert NI app.
·         A NHS Covid certificate.
·         Production of the Covid vaccination card showing double vaccination together with ID.
·         Evidence provided through the N.I. Covid Certification process for medical exemption from being vaccinated.
The following plan of action will put in place on 13th December.
1.     Each time you enter the bar or restaurant you must present staff with relevant evidence as outlined above. Please do not be offended when you are asked to provide the evidence repeatedly.
2.     Members are asked to ensure their guests have admissible evidence and are signed in.
3.     Staff are instructed NOT TO SERVE anyone who cannot produce the relevant evidence.
4.     If you have an electronic passport this will be scanned for validation each time you visit the club.
5.    At busy times it is intended to post a member of staff at the top of the stairs to inspect evidence. In the meantime, these times are;
Wednesday   3.00 -7.30
Thursday      6.00 -9.00
Friday          4.00-9.00
Saturday       2.30 – 9.00
Sunday          2.00 -5.00
If any member wishes to volunteer to act as doorman for part of the times mentioned above, please let me know and the Club will offer suitable financial recompense.
6.    Our Caterer will remind those organising parties to ensure all invitees have relevant evidence when they come to the club.
Finally, can I stress some members are not adhering to the policy on wearing masks. I must remind those members this is a mandatory requirement unless you are exempt for medical reasons.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Michael Graham
Honorary Secretary