Fortwilliam Lotto 24/06/2022
Dear Member,

You may have already been made aware that the Club has now set up a lottery with an initial cash jackpot of £2,000.  The first draw will take place on Sunday, 3 July 2022 and will be weekly. The jackpot will increase by £50 per week should the jackpot not be won. 
The lottery is open to all – it is not a requirement to be a member of the club, so please encourage friends and family to play.
All proceeds of the lottery will go directly to course and clubhouse improvement.
You can access the lottery through this link:- - click on ‘play lotto’ on the opening page.
In addition, you can download the Klubfunder App on the App Store.
To play, please take the following steps:-
  1. Register on the site
  2. Click ‘play lotto’
  3. ‘Add line’ to pick your numbers (you are required to pick 5 lines of 4 numbers - there is a ‘quick pick’ facility.  £1 per line with a minimum spend of £5.  The spend can be spread weekly)
  4. Fill in contact details
  5. Select ‘pay now’
  6. Enter your debit card details (credit cards are not accepted)
Should you have any difficulty please feel free to contact either Gerry Hawkins (07762388852) or Deaglan Lundy (07771766844).
This will be an excellent way to generate funds for the club and as always, your support will be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards
Deaglan Lundy