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There are already many members and guests who enjoy the weekly Bridge session in Fortwilliam.  From August through to the end of June, every Tuesday evening, Duplicate Bridge is played in the Shaftesbury Room on the 2nd floor of the Clubhouse. If you don’t feel like climbing the stairs then take the lift. Play starts at 7.30pm. Please be seated by 7.20pm.
This new dedicated section of the Club’s website is where you will find all the information you need about Bridge in Fortwilliam, including the weekly results and any notices relating to Bridge activities.

We are always keen to see new players joining us. If you already have some experience of playing duplicate, then you and your partner may come along on any Tuesday evening. We will be glad to see you.


New to Bridge or want to find out more about the game then you can visit one of the most popular websites for beginners and improvers "No Fear Bridge" click here 


For some guidance on "laws and etiquette" click here




The Bridge Club was established more than 60 years ago, in the early 1950's. Older members in Fortwilliam may remember some of the founder members: Mick & Maura McAleese, Harry D'Arcy, Eileen McKenzie, Molly Matthews & Agnes Sloan


Officers on the current committee are:


Margaret Bleakley     Chairperson

Mary Marquess          Secretary

Heather Calwell       Treasurer



Ten Commandments For Duplicate Players according to ---The Heavenly Grand Master!


 1. Thou shalt not come to the Club with a streaming cold.
 2. Thou shalt not come to the Club looking as though thou hast just been jogging.
 3, Thou shalt not come to the Club at the last minute, unless it is completely unavoidable.
 4. Thou shalt not arrive at a table without greeting thine opponents.
 5. Thou shalt not leave a table without thanking thine opponents.
 6. Thou shalt not gloat over a favourable result.
 7. Thou shalt not argue at length over a previous board.
 8. Thou shalt not tell opponents how they could have made a contract.
 9. Thou shalt not end the evening without thanking thy partner , now matter how badly he/ she may have played.
10. Thou shalt not leave the Club without putting away the bidding boxes and thanking the director.


Thank you all for your support and patience throughout the year.
Happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2018.

Your Bridge Committee

results SECTION


Tuesday 05th December 2017
N/S 1. J Mc Closkey & M Bleakley 2. R Gilmore & M Mulholland 3. J Gillen & J Gormley
E/W 1. N Granet & S Kennedy 2. M & M Marquess / I Mc Ginn & A Mc Cambridge


Tuesday 28th November 2017
N/S: 1. E. Curran & M Bleakley  2. D & D Brennan 3. R Mulvenna & C Mc Kenna
E/W: 1. P Boylan & V O'Prey  2, J Gillen & M Marquess  3. A Ferguson & S Lynch


Tuesday 17th October 2017

N/S: 1. E Curran & M Bleakley  2. N Moore & S Whiteside  3.  E McEntee & A McGovern / J McCloskey & R Gilmore

E/W: 1. J Gillen & M Marquess  2. A Marrion McCambridge &A McGrath  3. H Calwell & A Greer


Tuesday 26th September 2017

N/S:  1. E McEntee & A McGovern  2. M Henry & M O'Sullivan  3. N Granet & J Gormley

E/W: 1. R Gilmore & J McCloskey  2. V O'Prey & P Boylan  3. H Calwell & L Millings


Tuesday 19th September 2017

N/S: 1. E Curran & M Bleakley   2. M O'Sullivan & J Gormley  3. J McCloskey & R Gilmore

E/W: 1. R Mulvenna & M Henry  2. A McEntee & G Maguire   3. S Kennedy & I Hinfey


Tuesday 27th June 2017   

N/S:   1. E Curran & M Bleakley     2. J McCloskey & A R Gilmore    3. J McDonnell & E Gilchrist

E/W:  1. J Gillen & M Marquess     2. G McGovern & A Greer          3. V O'Prey & P Boylan


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