Fortwilliam Golf Club Bridge Section

Duplicate Bridge is played each week in the Shaftesbury Room on Thursday evenings. Members and visitors are requested to be seated by 7.20 pm. Bridge will commence at 7.30pm


There are already many members and guests who enjoy the weekly Bridge session in Fortwilliam.  From August through to the end of June, every Thursday evening, Duplicate Bridge is played in the Shaftesbury Room on the 2nd floor of the Clubhouse. If you don’t feel like climbing the stairs then take the lift. Play starts at 7.30pm. Please be seated by 7.20pm
This dedicated section of the Club’s website is where you will find all the information you need about Bridge in Fortwilliam, including the weekly results and any notices relating to Bridge activities.

We are always keen to see new players joining us. If you already have some experience of playing duplicate, then you and your partner may come along on any Tuesday evening. We will be glad to see you.

Here are some links you can visit if you are new to Bridge or want to find out more about the game:

No Fear Bridge            (one of the most popular websites for beginners and improvers)


Laws and Etiquette



Benefits of Bridge


Stirling University is to fund a doctorate in Bridge after a study showed that the game keeps people sharper, happier and more active in old age.  The project will examine what drives people to take up the game and keep playing throughout their lives.

Samantha Punch, Professor of Sociology, Stirling University says that as well as contributing to healthy ageing, participating in this mind sport enhances social networks and a sense of belonging to a wider Bridge community.

Exponents of Bridge today include Martina Navratilova and billionaire Bill Gates.








The Bridge Club was established more than 60 years ago, in the early 1950's. Older members in Fortwilliam may remember some of the founder members: Mick & Maura McAleese, Harry D'Arcy, Eileen McKenzie, Molly Matthews & Agnes Sloan


Officers on the current committee are:


Margaret Bleakley      Chairperson

Mary Marquess           Secretary

Heather Calwell         Treasurer







Thursday 04/10/18

N/S 1. R.Mulvenna & E. Curran 2. C McKenna & M Mulholland 3. S Kennedy & I Hinfey
E/W 1. M. O' Sullivan & M Bleakley 2. I Mc Ginn & A Mc. Cambridge  3. A McEntee & G . Maguire


Thursday 30/09/18
 N/S 1.S McNeil & M Brennan 2.E Curran& M Bleakley 3. LJohnston & M Shirley
 E/W 1. M O'Sullivan & C McKenna 2. Maureen Marquess & J Gillen 3. A Mc Grath & A Kelly


Thursday 13/09/18
N/S 1. S. Mc Neil & LJohnston 2. E Curran & J Mc Closkey 3. R Mulvenna & M Mulholland

E/W 1.M O'Sullivan & C Mc Kenna 2. S Kennedy & I Hinfey 3. V O 'Prey & P Boylan.


Thursday 28th June 2018

N/S 1. S Mc Neill & M Brennan  2. C Mc Kenna & R Mulvenna  3. E McEntee & A Mc Govern
E/W  R Gilmore & J Mc Closkey 2. S Kennedy & I Hinfey 3. A McEntee & G Maguire

Thursday 14th June 2018
N/S. 1 R Gilmore & E Curran  2. J Gillen & C Mc Kenna  3. E Mc Entee & J Gormley
E/W. 1. M O' Sullivan & M Bleakley  2. J.Flynn & J Flynn 3. P Boylan & V O' Prey                                                                                                                                                                                               

Thursday 7th June 2018

N/S 1. E Curran & R Mulvenna 2. S Mc Neill & M Brennan 3. R Gilmore & M Mulholland.
E/W 1. J Flynn & J Flynn  2. M O' Sullivan & M Bleakley 3. L Millings & G Mc Govern                                                                                                                                                                                         

Thursday 10th May 2018

N/S 1. M O'Sullivan & M Bleakley  2. S McNeill & M Brennan  3. R Mulvenna & M Mulholland

E/W 1. D Brennan & D Brennan  2. C. McKenna & J Gillen  3. M Marquess & M Marquess


Tuesday 17th April 2018
N/S 1. M Bleakley & E Curran 2. E Mc Entee & A Mc Govern 3. N Granet & J Gormley
E/W 1. R Gilmore & J Mc Closkey  2. C Mc Kenna & M O'Sullivan 3. K. Brady & H Calwell


Tuesday 10th April 2018

N/S 1. E Mc Entee & A Mc Govern  2. E Curran & J Mc Closkey 3. R .Mulvenna & M Mulholland
E/W 1. V O' Prey & P Boylan  2. I Mc Ginn & A Mc Cambridge 3. B Rooney & J Corr


Tuesday 20th March 2018

N/S 1. N Granet & J Gormley  2. E Curran & M Bleakley  3. E McEntee & A Mc Govern

E/W 1. J Mc Closkey & R Gilmore 2. Ł Millings & G Mc Govern 3. S Kennedy & I Hinfey


Tuesday 6th March 2018

N/S 1. R Mulvenna & E Curran  2. S Kennedy & N Granet 3. R. Gilmore & M Mulholland
E/W = 1. M O' Sullivan & M Bleakley & G Mc Govern & Ł Millings; 3. Mc Entee & G Maguire

Tuesday 27th February 2018

N/S  1. E Curran & M Bleakley 2. G McGovern & B Rooney 3.N Granet & J Gormley
E/W 1.R Gilmore & J McCloskey 2. I McGinn& A McCambridge 3. M Marquess & M Henry


Tuesday 20th February 2018

N/S 1. E Curran & M Bleakley 2. N Granet & J Gormley 3. R Mulvenna & M Henry
E /W 1. L Millings & G Mc Govern 2. C Mc Kenna & M O' Sullivan 3. A Curran & M Kennedy


Tuesday 30th January 2018

N/S 1. R Gilmore & J McCloskey 2.J Gormley & E Curran 3. B Rooney & N McShane
E/W 1. S Kennedy & I Hinfey 2. A McGrath & S Whiteside 3. J Gillen & Maureen Marquess


Tuesday 2nd January 2018

N/S. 1. E Curran & R Gilmore 2. Mary Marquess & A Greer.
E/W 1. V O 'Prey & P Boylan; 2. G Mc Govern & LMillings